How To Sell my House For Cash Without Doing Any Repairs

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Do you have a house that you believe is beyond repair? An old house, family heritage or a property you bought and never had the time and money to keep in good condition? Banks will not finance these properties unless the house is livable and in prime shape. In order to list your house on MLS you will need to get your property fixed up, invest costly repairs AND pay a full 6% commission off your sale price.

You are probably not ready to take up on all of those costs. SO here is the solution for selling a ruined estate property. Sell your house in any state it is for cash! Yes, it sounds great, doesn’t it? Well it’s true.

sell my house fast/sell my house for cash/call to get cash offer for house

You can sell your house, vacant condo or land in any condition to us. We are not real estate agents, we are investors and we will give you a cash offer for your home in 24 hours after contacting us. You will save a large amount of money on repairs. You will not pay any commissions to MLS or real estate agents. You will not have any hustle selling your property.

Sell your house without paying for repairs.

There are a lot of reasons a house needs repairs. Maybe your tenants caused a fire or your property has been vacant and abandoned for a long time. If your property has been vacant for more than 30 days most insurance policies no longer cover the property. Have you moved out of Florida? Do you have a relative in Florida that passed away and you inherited a property? Maybe you are the Personal Representative of the estate property that you don’t need? We have an offer for you. A cash offer. Just call us, or leave us your e-mail and you will get a cash offer in 24 hours. No hustle, no commissions, no additional fees.

sell my house fast/sell house for cash/sell house in any condition/call to get a cash offer for house


Sell my house cash without doing any repairs by calling 954-696-9660 and get a guaranteed cash offer on your property within 24 Hours. If you prefer to limit your tax liabilities, own the house free and clear and wish to sell on terms in order to receive monthly income, we can find a solution to help you solve your problems as well.

Contact us now and get a cash offer fast