How to sell your Probate Property in Florida fast?

Many Americans today possess more wealth in the form of home equity than any other. But this “wealth” is not wealth at all if you can’t sell it fast and at a fair price, or if you can’t cover the expenses of owning it.  Selling a house quickly and conveniently has become a common requirement of today’s life. Whether you have to move out of State in order to pursue a career opportunity or simply falling behind on your bills and taxes, you need fast and fair trade for your property.


Probate properties are something of a common thing right now. The vacant home inventory levels throughout the Country are high, and Florida is no exception, especially South Florida, Tampa Bay and the Orlando area.  A great number of these houses are damaged and need a lot of repairs in order to be able to sell them. Real Estate Agents take a lot of time to sell properties and they want big commissions.


We offer a fair price in maximum of 24 hours for any house in Florida in any condition.

If you want to sell the property on your own, know that the process of selling the probate property has a lot of red tape, requires a lot of your time, nerves and money. You become a Personal Representative to the property and you have duties: to pay off all the creditors (known and unknown) of the deceased first, then to distribute the remaining assets according to the instructions left in the Will. Another problem, Personal Representatives face, is the urgency of resolving this matter even faster when there are several heirs involved. Furthermore, few heirs and Personal Representatives will have the time to clean up the mess left behind inside the house or condo. How will you get rid of all that headache?!


What most heirs don’t know is that they can get cash advances on the Estate without any credit and without making ANY payments on the advanced money until the Estate is settled.


Even if you have some other issue with your property – you are in the middle of divorce, you are tired of being a landlord, you hate Real Estate Agents… Whatever the reason, we have the solution for you. Sell your property to us. Since the year 2000, we have helped many people just like you to solve their Real Estate problems, no matter what the situation is!


We don’t want to be your agent; we just want to buy your property!

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Let us handle all the headaches and hassles so you can focus on your work and your family. Why pay a Real Estate Agent outrageous fees out of your hard earned money? Don’t do that, you keep your money and you simply sell the house with a no hassle closing… and best of all, with NO COST to YOU! Give us the details of your estate, and within 24 hours you will get a cash offer from us.


If you’re interested in FAST service to sell your probate property in Florida today, contact us now!

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