Press Release Announces Statewide Operations in Vacant Home Division

A new Statewide Operations Program to reduce vacant homes inventory in Florida has been launched reports,

February 22, 2017 (FPRC) — Since the late 1990’s Urgent Home Sale’s operations have focused on South Florida, as an investment company purchasing properties, primarily not financeable on the primary market.

The company specializes in purchasing real estate in the areas of Probate, Foreclosure, Tax Deed Auctions, Bankruptcy, Vacant Properties and any properties who need repairs, but we now have extended our field of operations Statewide in Florida, and are looking to expend to the whole South Eastern United States by next year Mr Vincent say.

The vacant home inventory levels throughout the Country are high, and Florida is no exception, specially in South Florida, Tampa Bay and the Orlando area says Mr Vincent.

“This company was founded with a mission to homeowners everywhere and enhance neighborhoods throughout the country said Mr Vincent, “We’re proud to say that we are still coming up with creative, effective ways to pursue these important goals. Our new Statewide program is designed to help owners of vacant homes, which are often damaged, to sell their property without the need to come up with cash to repair the property before being able to sell it.”

Many Americans today possessing more wealth in the form of home equity than any other, being able to sell a house quickly and conveniently has become a common requirement of today’s life. Whether you have to move out of State in order to pursue a career opportunity or simply falling behind on your bills, is a crucial source of assistance and hassle-free, rewarding home buying relief, having enabled hundreds of successful transactions over the last 18 years.

This strategic move from the company reflect a growing demand from homeowners nationwide to sell their properties without having to invest and handle repairs, in order to sell the home on the primary market with a real estate agent. Many people prefer to sell their home fast, on the date of their choice for cash, as the Buyers Bank requirements always dictate that the home be in fully repaired condition in order to get financed.

Making it easy to sell a home quickly anywhere in the United States, is the country’s fastest-growing home-buying service company, offering a guaranteed Cash Offer within 24 Hours.

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