Should I Sign a Consent Judgment?

If you are in foreclosure and things drag for a while, the bank may call you to offer you a “Consent Judgment”. You should consider it if you want to move out of the house anyways. Basically, it goes like this, the bank will make you sign a document “The Consent Judgment” to get your authorization to move forward with the auction and foreclose on the mortgage, to get the property back.

Please be aware that most of the time they will offer you $1,000 once you sign, and $2,000 to $3,000 after the auction. The reason they do it is very simple, it cuts the time to get to the auction in half, but can only be done in Judicial States. Therefore, the bank will save tons of time and money in taxes, holding costs and insurance, and you will have moving money in your pocket.

If they do not offer you money, go ahead and ask them for some, they will most probably give you some money to sign the “Consent Judgment” and it is a win-win situation for both parties.