Tips on Selling Your House Fast

One of the most important thing which is completely overlooked by most sellers is to keep the house clean and neat. Yeah, sounds quite silly, doesn’t it? But the fact is that 95% of houses on the market today are complete pits, and I am not exaggerating. Most of the houses we see listed on the MLS are either in pitiful shape, dirty, filthy, or in plain english, dumps!

But how can that be? How can you expect buyers to just make an offer on your house when the yard is in disarray, when the grass is burned and their are no mulch, flowers or plants in the front yard to make it look attractive? Those small details are so important, would you purchase a blend house which looks like a total dump? I know I wouldn’t, and most people wouldn’t either, unless this is how they live themselves.

Make sure you remove al debris and junk from the yard, the garage, and inside the house before you decide to sell it, specially if you are facing foreclosure and NEED to sell asap. You also need to make sure the grass is cut and the house has been cleaned, consider air freshener and make sure the house has the cleanest appearance possible.